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Yousaf the slave who had his leg amputated died

In November we were heard the story that Yousaf, a slave who was made an example of for asking for more for his family has died.

Born into slavery in the brick kilns of Faisalabad, Yousaf and his family were hungry. His crime was to ask for more for his family. As a punishment and to make an example of him, the owner called all the slaves together and cut off his leg below the knee.

Starfish Christian Trust immediately paid his debt and freed him and his family. He was put into the care of a local Christian leader. What joy when he was now a free man. A home was rented and a plan set up for support of his family.

The news of his death was a shock but already help has come for his family. A donor from USA has enabled two families two be supported. A rickshaw has been purchased and the church elder will use it to earn money enough to support his own family and that of Yousaf.

This is true Christianity and should be an inspiration to us of the sacrificial life that Jesus called us to.

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Photo: Yousaf the slave who had his leg amputated died