Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Many needs met in 2019

The need continues. It will always continue! At Starfish Christian Trust we know that we can never meet every need, even just the needs that present themselves to us so regularly. Even though we often receive a larger gift, it is also the accumulation of smaller and regular gifts that enable us to make a difference ‘one life at a

Would you consider even a small gift at this time. Even a Standing Order can make a difference to one life.

In the last 24 hours we have received the following requests for help! And all from people and ministries known to us!

...Five girls sold into prostitution by their parents. I have a small case study of one of the girls. (Approx £2,400 for release + medical expenses)

..Completion of a church building planted on my last visit to India. Work has started and we oversaw the drilling of a new well. A balance to complete the building is needed (Approx £1300)

...Hindu persecution is increasing and Christians are often denied the use of the village well, often ending in death, in the hope that people will revert to Hinduism. Last year we assisted in the drilling of seven wells. Now five more new communities have been identified in this situation where a new well is needed. The approximate cost of each drilling is £800

There are 6 children in Hope Children’s Home that are not yet with a sponsor. For this we ask £20 per month. This covers all costs including education, clothing, shelter, clean water and regular visit from a doctor etc.

There is a need for the Children’s Home to have it’s own premises but the cost, which runs into tens of thousands of pounds, would appear to be outside of our current levels!

...A request came yesterday from Pastor Shaul, brother of Pastor Moses, for donations of warm blankets for Christians in the brick kilns.

... We have, today, sent £500 to Pastor Eunice Grace in the Philippines. They have experienced three earthquakes and the tail end of a typhoon in the last few months!

In these circumstances I make no apologies for asking for your help and especially to consider a regular gift. If you would like to know more about how to give, or would like to see some recent testimonies please do contact me.

May I wish you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year.