Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Well now completed in Madhavapuram (24/5)

Pastor Joshua reports that the well is now completed.

"We are so glad that you are able to help this village of Madhavapuram which suffered a great persecution from pagan mobs The Hindus prevented the Christians in the village from collecting the water from the Government borewell. As a result they greatly suffered many water-borne diseases and several have died."

"This is a tragic incident which often occurs in the villages and we do try to help one by one when we have funds and the Lord provides. By completing this borewell we have potentially saved 1400 families by providing clean water. Also a school nearby with 65 children are now having fresh water."

"Already we have heard of another village, Krishna Rao Palem which is a tribal village close to a road way and there people are suffering for the want of clean water and we ask you if you can be only able to help."

Can you help us to help them too?


Photo: Well now completed in Madhavapuram (24/5)