Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Walking to Freedom Jun 3rd

This year working with our partners in Pakistan we have probably seen as many as 240 families released from the bondage of slavery from the Muslim owned brick kilns. We have reported how circumstances allowed us to free some 200 families in a few short days.

Add to this the several visits to brick kilns that have been made to pay the debt of others and save them from the abuse, torture, rape, beatings and hunger from the kiln owners.

Now something new is happening as word is spreading that there is hope. Families are learning of the rescue and walking out of the kilns (not sure under what circumstances) and arriving at the home of Pastor Moses asking for help and rescue. Just this week, Starfish has been able to help 7 families find freedom and hope for a new life in this way.

As with all families we help to settle them in a new home if they are unable to return to their village. Some have been slaves all their lives and do not know a home. They are given food to start them in a new life and we are attempting to find employment for those that need it. Pastoral and local church support is also given.

With the continued help and financial support we hope to see many, many more families find freedom.


Photo: Walking to Freedom Jun 3rd