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Virus aid distribution in Philippines

We have been happy to assist you with the it distribution of relief funds due to the coronavirus pandemic in Mindanao, Philippines.

We have been working with Pastor Eunice for some time and she has sent a good report and several photos, one of which is reproduced below. She writes…

Glory to God in the highest. God is very good to us. He is full of grace and mercy to us. God is awesome, because he is a generous giver through your Trust. A big thank you for what you have given to us. On behalf of my Pastor, he extends his thanksgiving and appreciation for the quick response to his request.

Sadly he is unable to be with us for distribution because he was under monitored because last week he mingled some of the infected while distributing of reliefs. He let me to lead the team and together with the team, we directly distributed it... Because of social distancing and lockdown nobody allowed to go out by group. So, I instruct the team to distribute it one by one.

God bless you and the trustees. May you have many souls to be help.


Photo: Virus aid distribution in Philippines