Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

25 families to be rescued from slavery

A brick kiln owner has sold his brick kilns in the Faisalabad area and he was about to sell the slaves to a man in Peshawar. This is the city where the church was bombed killing over 150 people. Earlier this year the school was attacked and more than 130 children were murdered in cold blood. The life for Christians in Peshawar is harder than that faced in the brick kilns.

There are 25 families involved and at least 120 people involved. Pastor Moses who is 100% trustworthy asked me if Starfish Christian Trust could find 2000 ($3000) to rescue these families that is just 16 per person. I could not refuse and sent the money from the trust via Western Union. Already the money has been picked up in Faisalabad and Pastor Moses is on his way to negotiate the freedom of these Christian people, He assures me that he has a place where they can be temporarily looked after until they can be settled into Christian communities. He and the trust will do all we can to ensure that none of these families end up back in the slavery bondage of debt again.

In sending this money we have depleted the funds of the trust.

This is an appeal to you asking if you would be prepared to help us and contribute towards the cost of these rescues.

Just 16 or $25 will pay for the release of one slave.

If you are able you can contribute through the website on the 'read more' link below

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Photo: 25 families to be rescued from slavery