Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

200 - Yes 200 Families Released

When we heard about 594 families, we had no idea how we would rescue them. 28 brick kilns 12 sealed for illegality and about 4,000 people. We tried several things and at first to no avail.

Pastor Moses, very aptly named in these circumstances, went to the DCO of Faisalabad. He pointed out the illegal use of children and the sealing of the kilns. We were receiving stories that because no bricks were being made, the slave families were receiving no money, no food etc and reports of disease and death were beginning to reach us. He argued that the lives of these families were in danger as a result of no work etc and that holding them in these conditions was akin to imprisonment which is also illegal.

On a promise that we would take responsibility to look after them, resettle them, feed them and find them jobs, the DCO agreed and told the owner to the release these families WITHOUT PAYMENT into the care of the church.

Starfish Christian Trust has so far been able to send over 3000 ($4500) to transport these people home and to provide food for one week for each family.

Please, we do still need funds to help these people and to rescue the remaining 384 families somehow. We commend this work to you and ask again, if you are able to give, large or small, please do so.


Photo: 200 - Yes 200 Families Released