Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Traumatised by Torture

Word reached us one night of a family in severe trouble. A mother, a slave in the brick kilns with 7 young daughters, asked the kiln owner for more food as her children were hungry

The response of the kiln owner was to gather the family and severely beat the father and some of the children. The mother was then taken, stripped and raped by two men, including the kiln owner. They were then illegally imprisoned and faced the possibility of death. NONE OF THIS IS RARE IN THE PAKISTANI BRICK KILNS.

A call from the local pastor initiated a quick 'raid' on the prison, and with the element of surprise a successful rescue was accomplished in a very insecure and acknowledged terrorist area.

The family are now resettled, and recovering from their trauma. This short video reports on their trauma and will shock you.


Photo: Traumatised by Torture