Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Three Families Released (Mar 20)

Starfish are happy to announce that three more families have been released from the bondage of slavery in the brick kilns in Pakistan. It is hoped that the 23 members of these families will be the first of many that are to be freed around this Easter period. The slaves are so badly treated by the owners and stories of beatings, rape, torture and physical disablement are almost standard.

It is diificult to understand the emotion that must accompany the initial freedom. Most have been born into slavery and know nothing but making bricks from dawn to dusk. Suddenly a stranger comes along and tells you your debt is paid and you are free! No more slavery; no more bricks! Sometimes they look in shock and disbelief until they are free for several days. We hope to make follow-up visits in a few days to see how they are settling.

A few pictures of the families can be found here. rescued families photos


Photo: Three Families Released (Mar 20)