Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Rescued Girl's Testimony 1

I was really scared of my life. I thought I would commit suicide. I am also being raped by two men and I have over bleeding and have no clothes to hide myself and the blood.

The other girls who are with me supported me mentally and physically and the only thing we have done together is prayed whenever we use to find time and asked Jesus to send us somebody for our freedom or give us freedom by taking us into death.

But Jesus heard our prayers, and we are being delivered, and the Pastor told us you have stood with us as our own family although you are in the other part of the world. You helped us although you do not even know our names or our pictures.

When I was with parents I use to think I will become a doctor, but after we are being handed over for purchase we thought we would become helpless but Jesus gave us a lift to change our lives through Starfish. All our girls would be praying for you and for the people who helped us to give us a better and a new life.

Footnote: We have a name and picture of this dear girl but wish to protect her identity.