Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Ten Boys Rescued from Drug Dealer

We arranged funds to rescue ten boys who had been sold into slavery by their parents and purchased by a drug dealer. Pastor Joshua arranged the rescue and placed the boys into a safe children’s home known to the trustees. He wrote…

“We truly thank you for all your hearts in doing this big rescue of children from the hands of drug mafia, bonded labour and Slavery. We did not even anticipate that we can do this rescue because the funding is very hard at this critical time but the Lord enabled us before the lock down came to rescue these children and put them in hands of safety which is a great thing. Lord has heard the cries of the innocent children and we thank the administrator who was so instrumental in bringing this plea to trustees and donors to give these children a better life and bright future as we always commit to the principal Save One Life At A Time.”

“The boys say their love and greetings to you all and we are able to give the school kits before going to the center, and we save the children always to win them for Christ, and the children have super glow faces and in their hearts they say this with one word, Praise The Lord, Thank You Trustees and this has been possible only through your great support.”

The PDF link below has the full report

PDF: Ten Boys Rescued from Drug Dealer


Photo: Ten Boys Rescued from Drug Dealer