Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Report of the 10 recent rescues

We are happy to report that the 10 boys working for the 'Indian Mafia' this have been rescued. They are receiving full medical care from the doctor and physical and spiritual care from Hope Ministries. Pastor Joshua writes:-

"We are so glad that we are able to rescue the innocent children from slavery and bonded labour. The good news is the doctor is bearing the medical treatment of these children and although these children are having complicated health issues, the doctor decided to put these children in his home for some period of time before they go to the hostel." The Doctor writes:-

“Thank you Star Fish Christian Trust for showing your love in releasing these children. I assure you that I will take care of their medical treatment and further promise that any future rescues, I would consider giving them help in whatever way I can." The children write:-

“We do not know who you are, but you showed a great love in reaching us with your hearts and compassion, we never thought that we would come out of this mafia mob, and sometimes we are tortured and we tried to kill ourselves, but our God has a better plan for our lives and He moved your hearts from other world and touched us and gave us a better life."

The full PDF report is linked below

PDF: Report of the 10 recent rescues


Photo: Report of the 10 recent rescues