Starfish Christian Trust: Street children


Following the rescue of the remaining 384 families from the abomination of slavery in the brick kilns the work of Starfish Christian Trust came under severe attack. It was a great victory that as reported earlier, we had an opportunity to secure the release of a total of 584 families with our very limited resources. Our God is great and the release of some 4,000+ people from slavery was secured.

No surprise then that the work was attacked and an attempt to compromise the work of God was made. There is no advantage in reporting the details, but to report that as a Christian organisation we were 'seduced' by an American organisation promising large funds but in effect gave us only grief.

Although our intention was to be able to release more slave families, we were wrong in the light of Biblical teaching to attempt a partnership with them and to 'be yoked together with unbelievers'.

We have learned a great lesson and are stronger as a result. With our Lord's help we will continue to bring support and relief in the many areas in which we have opportunity.