Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

68 Freed in One Day - Apr 1st

With our plans to increase the numbers of families that we are able to release, yesterday was a great day. We are in negotiation with Rescue Christians in USA to work together towards this goal.

Yesterday we set out to find about 5 families but ended with rescuing nine. The first brick kiln was quite straightforward after our encounter with the Afghan Taliban who operated the kiln. There was no difficulty in negotiating the total debt and reducing it by about 25%.

The second kiln was different. We had agreed that we would rescue another two families but as we heard the stories we walked from the kiln with five! This is unusual as we usually stick to the plan, but the Lord overruled us! When we got to deal with the owner, he said that he did not have the register of account. After discussion (and he was very unsure who we were) we told him that we would take the slaves and he must come to Pastor's house for the money. As simple as that!

That brings the total for this trip to 18 families and 138 Christian slaves rescued.


Photo: 68 Freed in One Day - Apr 1st