Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Starfish Church Opens

In January this year, we reported the foundation of a new church. Following a miraculous healing after an evangelistic meeting, almost a whole village came to faith in Jesus Christ. This brought persecution from the militant Hindu village elder. He banned the church from meeting and banished the pastor. Almost immediately, the elder's wife became seriously ill (probable heart attack). The pastor, who had not yet left the village offered to pray for his wife and she too was instantly healed.

As a result of these miraculous healings, the village elder also found faith and offered his old rice/paddy warehouse as a church building at a very discounted price. Starfish Christian Trust paid the price of the building and just a few days ago the opening and dedication of the new church took place.

We did not choose the name, but we were surprised and honoured to see that the villagers had decided to call their new church 'Starfish Christian Church'


Photo: Starfish Church Opens