Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Sponsored Children Are Well Cared For

It is difficult to imagine a mother being in such poverty and in such desperation that she sells her child into slavery. This happened to many children following a major cyclone that hit S E India a couple of years ago.

Hope Ministries contacted Starfish Christian Trust and advised that the opportunity to rescue 14 such children from slavery had presented itself. Without hesitation we sent sufficient funds to 'buy back' the children and they are now in the care of Hope Ministries in their children's home in Jangareddygudem. Our administrator was in India very recently and visited the children.

The children are very well cared for. Because they spent some little time in the brick kilns they have more than usual medical needs. To be rejected by their parents in such a way surely compounds their situation. However, they are thriving and well cared for. They attend the local school and are doing very well.

There are a total of 34 children in the home and our desire is to find additional sponsors for them. Hope Children's Home is very well organised but further sponsorship will enable it to be completely and properly funded. Although sponsorship seems expensive at 20 per month the money is well spent. 100% of sponsorship goes to the children.

If you would like to help on a regular basis and cannot afford a full sponsorship, we would be happy to receive part-sponsorship proposals from you.

The small link below is a short report from Pastor Joshua of Hope Ministries

PDF: Sponsored Children Are Well Cared For


Photo: Sponsored Children Are Well Cared For