Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Slave Families Revisited (5 Sep)

This week we have visited three families released from the slavery of the brick kilns to see how they are managing in their new lives - lives so different from the daily grind of making bricks.

The first family had only been released for three days when we visited them and I was not sure how we would find them settling. However, when we arrived they were looking well and the baby that caused us concern when we saw the family in the brick kilns looked well.

It was encouraging to see how the Christians in the community had accepted them and were supporting them - providing even beds and basic needs for them. There was excitement when the father came around the corner with the new donkey and cart that was gifted to them by Starfish Christian Trust. With the help of the community and the local pastor who helped relocate them I am confident that they will thrive,

Today we visited two families released in November 2013. Both of them are doing very well. The children are all at school and demonstrated some of their learning and the mother and father buy crops from the fields and are selling them in the market - again thanks to a donated donkey and cart.

You can see from the picture below that the family are doing well. They are looking so healthy compared to the original dust covered faces that we first met in 2013.

Please keep helping us. We learned today also that there are funds coming from USA for slave rescue. If it arrives before I return home we will bring more good reports


Photo: Slave Families Revisited (5 Sep)