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Easter at Sinai Chapel

It was probably more than a year ago that we first decided to help Pastor Joseph Ruvugana to build a solid church in Gitega, Burundi. Gitega district had been seriously destroyed by years of Civil War. Whilst the need has been to rebuild, the authorities have been insisting that certain minimum standards of structure is maintained.

After much negotiation over the type and suitability of a new building, plans were agreed. After waiting for the rain season to finish, work began in January this year. Partnered by St Mildred’s Church in Lee, south London we have seen tremendous progress. There is still much work to be done but the main structure of the church has now been completed. We are committed to see a successful conclusion to this building project.

It was a great joy to receive a few pictures of current progress. From a ramshackle temporary building destroyed by the weather to this fine building as a gift to the church has been a real blessing.

Pastor Joseph is delighted to be able to hold an Easter celebration and we share his delight.


Photo: Easter at Sinai Chapel