Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

A Little Goes Far in Philippines

We reported that we had sent to the Philippines to help a little after the earthquakes and inclement weather. What a delight to hear back from Pastor Eunice Grace as she reported with all that had been achieved with just 1,000. I have made a simple list of all that has been achieved...

* The rebuilding of a Sunday School room

* The restoration of the water supply to home where church meets.

* The purchase of a new guitar to lead the services

* The continuation of a children's feeding programme

* Taking a message of Hope to the soldiers in the mountains

Pastor Eunice Grace sends very regular updates and it was difficult to choose which photo to upload... I settled on the soldiers.

There is no such thing as a small (or large) donation in the hands of God. We are so thankful for all contributions that enable us to rescue Starfish of all shapes and sizes!!!


Photo: A Little Goes Far in Philippines