Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

The shameful treatment of girls in Pakistan

This is Maria. She is believed to be just 8 years old.

She was a Christian slave girl working in the brick kilns of Faisalabad along with her family.

One of the relatives of the owner of the brick kiln took a fancy to Maria and plans were made for him to marry her. This is not uncommon in Pakistan. The prophet Mohammed married a girl of similar age and the therefore the government will not legislate against it.

It demonstrates how little is understood by Islam of love and marriage. This potential relationship is based on lust and not love. The relationship could in no way be seen as marriage but paedophilia.

Although Starfish Christian Trust is not able to rescue all the Christian women and girls in slavery who are regularly abused because that are 'just Christian women', we are able to help a few.

With your help we can help one life at a time. We have been able to rescue Maria and her family. A news item follows about this. Will you help rescue another child from such abuse?


Photo: The shameful treatment of girls in Pakistan