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Can You Help Complete the Girl's School Please?

The fantastic progress of the Girl's School is continuing, but funds are still needed to enable the fitting and equipping of the school. It is so near and yet so far - as the girl's are not yet able to use the school.

Are you able to help in any way to move the project to completion please? The 'read more' link below you will go to our donation page. Every amount, whether large or small will help accelerate the project.

While writing about the New Covenant School, Pastor Moses has advised that, "We are also affiliating some more Christian Schools who do not have a building and are not registered with the Education Board of Pakistan. This will help schools at home to get Benefits through being registered with the New Covenant School System

I am awaiting more details and hopefully photos of these new school registrations and will post another item in due course

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Photo: Can You Help Complete the Girl's School Please?