Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Raped Child recovering (7/5)

Regrettably, the rape of this girl in Andhra Pradesh is not exceptional. Even today on the BBC website is a story of a second rape separate from ‘our girl’. The report is at the 'read more' link below.

I have received an update this morning from Pastor Joshua about the girl that we are helping. He writes:

“Thanks for your continued prayers for the child. She has now been given better treatment and this paid treatment will benefit her speedy recovery. Meanwhile the accused had been hanged himself as I advised you. The family is now safe although this tragic incident will take some time to come out of the shock.

“Once the girl is discharged we will offer the parents help by offering to admit the child to our orphanage. Because of the ‘riots’ the parents are homeless and we have given some basic aid packages and some financial support to help their survival.

“Please do pray for the child and also for her safety until the court case is finalized. We will give more updates whenever we get them. Our staff there are co ordinating with the family and the child with a rescue team from the church.

“We thank you so much for your generous love and your extended support to save the family which will also help them to recover from the shock and live a normal life.”

My thanks to those who have helped financially. May I ask you again to spare even something small to help this girl and her family.

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Photo: Raped Child recovering (7/5)