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The rape of young Chrsitian girls continues

Another disturbing story comes from Pakistan as reported by The British Pakistani Christian Association. The picture shows a father comforting one of his two daughters who were gang-raped by three Muslim boys.

They were subject to the cruel perversions of three local Muslim boys, who beat, cut and tortured them while gang-raping them for over twelve hours, mocking the girls vindictively as they challenged their God to save them. The man who found them said " "Their bodies were naked, bruised and bleeding. At first I thought they were dead, but after recognising signs of life I called the father and we replaced their lost clothes with some of our own, while others rushed to collect blankets."

Ilyas Masih expressed his great fear for his family, as supporters of the rapists are blackmailing them, threatening violence unless charges against the rapists are dropped. However Ilyas is adamant that he will see justice through for his dishonoured girls. he said; "I want the boys to be punished, for what they have done to my innocent girls, it will be a lesson to them and other local Muslim boys that Christian girls are not their playthings."

Further details of the atrocity can be read by following the link below

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Photo: The rape of young Chrsitian girls continues