Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

£250,000 given and counting! (09/04)

£250,000! Quite a milestone! Established in July 2012 and building on the work and contacts of the trustees, Starfish Christian Trust is delighted that it has reached a significant milestone.

To list every project would take too long but we have been fully or partly able to distribute funds for many and varied projects. From drilling wells in India to helping with medical expenses in Guinea; from rescuing slaves from the brick kilns of Pakistan to leaders training seminars in Africa; from open-air meetings in Honduras to building churches in Burundi; from supporting ministry in USA to supporting pastoral ministry in India; from helping to build a school in Ethiopia to sponsoring orphan children in India… and so much more!

Without the generous help of so many, none of this would have been possible. Therefore, the trustees wish to say a big THANKYOU to you all.

We live in a world that has much need. But please consider Starfish Christian Trust when choosing who to help. Together we can change a life, a family, community - one life at a time!


Photo: £250,000 given and counting! (09/04)