Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Aid Sent to Help Philippines Lockdown.

The situation in Mindanao, Philippines is not improving. The whole island is under severe lockdown regulations and bringing much hardship

Our Pastor in Mindanao, Pastor Eunice, is working hard to help many and is using every opportunity to bring the love of Jesus where she can. In her last e-mail she wrote that there are many people 'stuck' in her village who cannot get transport home because of lockdown. She has been caring for them from her own limited resources. She writes...

"The money that you send was used to buy rice and give maintenance for the livelihood that we gave to our brethren here. We also shared money to rent motor boat also for there fishing everybody... My heart is full of joy as I saw the faces of our brethren that we are here not just to help them physically, morally, financially but also we are here to support them spiritually. We are here to pray for them and to counsel them as well, so that they will be encourage that there are good things behind all the bad situation."

Another opportunity for Starfish Christian Trust as we forwarded some funds to help her support these people.

We cannot change the whole world, but we can make a difference - one life, one family, one community at a time. Thank you to those of you who have been helping us to help others.


Photo: Aid Sent to Help Philippines Lockdown.