Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Tribulation in the Philippines Continues Jan 21

Once again, Pastor Eunice Grace has faced increased tribulation in her home in Mindanao. Struggling to minister in conditions that the accursed virus threw at her, her home has again been flooded by a severe typhoon. Starfish was pleased to be able to send her some relief funding. She wrote:-

"All the time God is good. He deserves all our praise and thanksgiving.

"Thank you for being so generous and helpful to us. It really help us very much in this time. God will bless you more. As of now we are still in cleaning and continue this living with God's help. His mercy and love endures forever and His grace abounds. There are lots of things to be renewed and restored. Little by little we can overcome it. And thank God for all the people who are extended their help financially, with food, water and clothing. There are also people who help us to repair and restore our things in our house. They deserve God's blessing in return as well as Starfish. We are still in my friends house. Once again thank you very much."

That says it all. Thank you Starfish supporters. You are making a big difference - one life at a time.


Photo: Tribulation in the Philippines Continues Jan 21