Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Perseverance in the Philippines

As always, pastor Grace continues to amaze us with the enthusiasm with which she works. Having had the challenge of coronavirus and typhoons which all but destroyed her home she continues to put the work of the ministry before completing her own living accommodation.

She writes to us regularly and there is always an encouragement for us in how she writes. She has been climbing muddy mountains to take the gospel to the tribal areas, she has been continuing with the feeding program and outreach amongst the children and even a wider food distribution amongst the needy.

She is always ready and willing to acknowledge with grateful thanks the support that you, as supporters of Starfish Christian Trust, are giving to to enable her to continue her work. She writes<

"The group planned to climb the mountain, but we could not walk because the rain had no plans to stop since last week. We could not take the risk to climb the slippery and muddy road. We decided to have a street preaching and went to the army and police barracks again to conduct our regular bible study. Praying that our weather will good and well so that we can again visit our brethren above the mountain."

"Thank you Starfish Christian Trust for always being our generous supporter and prayer partner in every task and mission we have. From our ups and downs. For being the channel of blessings. Since this ministry started from the works of my father (Pastor Ludy Bongosia). Words are not enough to speak our gratitude"


Photo: Perseverance in the Philippines