Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Philippine Ministry Support Continues - 15th Feb

The trustees were saddened when they heard of the death of Pastor Ludy Bongosia late last year. He had been a friend of Starfish long before the establishment of the trust. He was a tireless worker even after suffering a stroke. He was determined and continued with great difficulty to minister among the tribal people in the hills of Mindanao.

We had been supporting him to help him with medicine costs and a little towards his ministry after the time of his death. Our administrator had made several trips and worked with him closely.

His daughter, Eunice Grace, has maintained contact with us and like her father has been known to us for many years. At no time did she solicit funds from us, but the trustees decided to continue with their commitment to support the work started by her father.

Starfish Christian Trust has been delighted that this work has been able to continue.

To those of you who so faithfully our work, we give you hearty thanks.