Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Persecuting Hindu Elder Saved (Jan 8)

Following the earlier news items about Hindu persecution of Christians and the supply of the new well comes an amazing move of God.

The wife of the Hindu elder who banished the new pastor and forbade the Christian families from using the well, fell sick. The hospital is over one hour away. The banished pastor heard this and offered to pray for her. As the elder had heard about the miracle crusade meeting he agreed and his wife was instantly healed. He bowed before the pastor calling him a god - but the pastor told him of the Living God and led him and his wife to Jesus.

As a result he is not only allowing the church to remain but has made available for purchase at a discount price a hall for the church to meet. He is to provide electricity, ceiling fans and will paint it clean for the new church. Starfish Christian Trust has secured funding to purchase the hall and will support the new pastor for the first year until the church is established. At the last count, the church had grown to 105 families!


Photo: Persecuting Hindu Elder Saved (Jan 8)