Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Poisoned Water Necessitates New Well

Profit above responsibility so often blights the lives of the helpless and voiceless. There is no better example of this as was reported to us by Pastor Joshua.

“A village in a critical situation has come to our attention that is truly suffering with clean water problems. As you know we have been able to drill many wells, but this village has a unique problem different from others,” wrote the pastor.

“The whole village is suffering because they are taking the intoxicating chemical water being released into the river by the nearby paper mill. So far more than 30 people have become sick and many are dead. The more urgently we put a well in this village the more people will be saved,” There are approximately 2300 families in the village area.

We at Starfish Christian Trust could not ignore such an appeal and funds are already on the way to drill this new well.

We will update the website in due course.