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Another vicious attack on innocent Christians

The picture shows our partner, Pastor Mose,s in hospital praying for one of the innocent victims of the atrocities being levelled against Christians by Muslim terrorists and fanatics.

Those of you who know the work of the trust will know that this man is a true voice for the persecuted minorities and has again dashed to the scene of yet another outrage.

He wrote "15th March 2015. Two churches were under attack by the Taliban. These 2 churches were under threat alert by the Home Department of Punjab as they were threatened by Taliban but security was not provided to these Churches and finally the evil Taliban successfully attacked the innocent people of God. I believe these persecutions are uniting the Church of Pakistan.

18 People Martyred and 78 were Injured. (This number has since risen)I am always praying and standing for the voiceless persecuted Church of Pakistan and want to see freedom and prosperity in Church of Pakistan. Where ever Christians come under attack I try to be come out for My brothers and sisters because when my brothers and sisters in Lord are persecuted I feel Pain.

I went to see my brothers and sisters to visit those who were injured and pray for them and give them courage and today I spoke for them through the media and demanded security and justice for my people according to the law and appealing to Christian to live in peace, forgiveness and love. We have to live like Jesus Christ in Pakistan and to sacrifice and love others."

Starfish Christian Trust is proud to stand with and support the work of Pastor Moses. (Not his real name.)

You can also read more of the work of Starfish in Pakistan on the website under our old name on the 'read more' link below'

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Photo: Another vicious attack on innocent Christians