Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Orphan Girls in Danger

It is hard for most of us to imagine what life must be like as an orphan. Probably not the easiest of situations to be in.

That is the situation that these lovely girls found themselves in. Definitely not easy! But add to the difficulty the fact that they are Christian girls in a Muslim society. Now they are in moral danger according to Muslim teaching.

Their situation is even worse than that. They are slaves in the brick kilns of Pakistan. Their plight is desperate. THEY ARE FEMALE; THEY ARE CHRISTIAN; THEY ARE SLAVES. Stories of torture, rape and abuse flow regularly from the brick kilns. We have heard many stories and we have seen it first hand.

Starfish Christian Trust is working to rescue young orphan girls from such moral danger. These fifteen girls have been rescued from the brick kilns and each one placed with a Christian family who will 'adopt' and care for them. There are many tens of thousands of orphan girls in the kilns and with your help we can rescue them according to the Starfish Principle - ONE LIFE AT A TIME.

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Photo: Orphan Girls in Danger