Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

We really Did All This! Sept.

It seems quite some time since we updated on all that Starfish Christian Trust has been involved in. Rather than make a long read with this entry let me encourage you to read our latest news items separately,

We have been busy in many areas. These include supporting a pastor in the Philippines who is working hard for the kingdom inspired of suffering a stroke. We have sent finance to continue to think wells in villages where Christians continue to be persecuted. The teachers in Busia Kenya continue to receive our support. The children’s home in Andhra Pradesh in India is thriving. We have committed to the building of a new church building and headquarters in Burundi. We have sent funds to the Democratic Republic of Congo to pay for iron sheet to complete the building of a church.

In addition, we have made several one-off grants. We have supported a large children’s outreach in Kent, UK to purchase literature. We have sent funds to a drop in for people with needs. We have donated to the production of daily reading notes. We have helped with transport costs for someone leaving hospital in Kenya. We have also provided funds for medical expenses in Kenya, where we have also supported an orphanage. The ministry in northern India also continues to receive regular support. I have probably forgotten some but this is a fantastic list.

All of this is possible thanks to your continued support. It almost goes without saying we could do nothing without you.

On behalf of the many that have received help we say simply “Thank you”.


Photo: We really Did All This! Sept.