Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Salvation In No Other Name

This is what Starfish is all about. The brief report from Pastor Julius whose CBO is rescuing and saving many for the Kingdom of God writes…

"Thank you so much for the money and your concern for the CBO. We added one more member who we spoke to and he accepted Jesus Christ as Lord. Before accepting Jesus he used to be one of the greatest criminals in Kakamega town. He is a young man but he had made prison his second home. Keep praying for him to be strong in the Lord."

"He told me that he once kidnapped a young girl and demanded money from the parents. He was arrested and he was put in jail. Before giving his life to Jesus he had done a lot for evil things but now he is praising God as he goes around Kakamega using a wheel cart selling fruits." (His picture is below)

"Dina, who was rescued after a suicide attempt is now so happy and settled in school. I visited her and she is full of smiles and thanking God for the miracle she received from the Lord. She said the best thing for her was when she received Jesus as Lord in her life."


Photo: Salvation In No Other Name