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9 year old girl raped by high caste Hindu (5/5)

Once again a very sad case of the rape of a child has come to our attention. This time it has happened in Andhra Pradesh in India. The girl, just nine years old was lurid into the clutches of the evil perpetrator with sweets. The 60-year-old Hindu man was of high caste. This situation highlights the way that Christian girls and women are treated by men who have their own families.

This poor child told her mother she was in severe pain and when her mother investigated found that she was bleeding from her private parts. She was immediately hospitalised and had an operation. The case which is reported on Indian TV can be seen on the link below as can the report from Pastor Joshua.

The girl was the child of a member of Hope Ministries which is supported by our charity. Together with Wilberforce Two Trust, we have sent finance to enable the girl to be transferred to a private hospital for better care and also for her protection.

There have been several reports of this kind of abuse of young girls in India recently. In this case there have been riots on the streets protesting. I understand the home of the abused girl has also been attacked and the parents need our support also.

I will update when more is known.

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PDF: 9 year old girl raped by high caste Hindu (5/5)