Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

New Latrines for Kenyan Orphanage (10/5)

A few weeks ago we heard from Bishop Julius in Kakamega that the toilets in his orphanage had been destroyed by the extreme bad weather in Kenya that Kenya has been experiencing. The children had been using the toilet of a neighbour.

We were happy to provide finance to build at least two new latrines. We have heard today from Bishop Julius. He writes:- Asante sana (Thank you very much)for the money this was a great miracle from the Lord. Jesus is so faithful

We also received a donation of bricks which made the work easier and we were able to put up three more toilets. We now have four toilets - two toilets for the girls and two for the boys - they are already finished. All that remains to be done is the doors which I know the Lord will work out again as we go by

With thanks to all who are supporting Starfish. We continue to change lives - one at a time.


Photo: New Latrines for Kenyan Orphanage (10/5)