Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Another Village Well in India

We recently had a request from our partner in Rajahmundry in India as once again the Christians in a militant Hindu village were being barred from using the well. Consequently they were suffering from disease (cholera etc.) and some had died. The following is an extract from pastor Joshua's letter.

"You understand the situation in the villages. You have helped before with a couple of wells. We now have a village where Christians face severe persecution for water. The need is critical for this village and 18 people are almost dead as the families are taking water from impure river. Cholera and other viral diseases are spreading.

It is in the heart of Chintalapudi where you stayed. We need 44,000 Indian rupees for this borewell. Please see if you and the trustees can do something for this village. We beg you for this. Permanently you can save 700 families with water. We are praying for the provision."

Starfish Christian Trust is delighted that provision for the well has been made and that the lives of these villages have been saved.


Photo: Another Village Well in India