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Report on Conakry 'Give me a Net'

Some months ago we supported a project in Conakry, Guinea. Ebola was making life difficult for many when we heard about the 'Give Me a Net' project initiated by Nicolas and Elaine Thebault. The following are a few testimonies of those helped.

Sara: "A few months ago I fell sick and I spent all my money for treatment. Now I needed money to restart my business. I thank the church for giving me 300,000 Guinean Francs (27)"

Mama Marie: "I am a widow with five children and my only source of income is selling potato leaves but with the help of the church I am able to improve my business by selling beans and bread. And I can see changes in my live and we now have enough to live on.

Moses: "I had to cross over to Guinea due to the war in Sierra Leone. I ate food which is taboo in our family and lumps appeared on my face. The church assisted me with 294,000 Guinean Francs for treatment" He is now responding to His treatment

The Starfish Principle - one life at a time. A little can go a long way.


Photo: Report on Conakry 'Give me a Net'