Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Maria, aged 8, rescued with her family

This is a follow-up to our earlier 'news item' concerning 8 year old Maria.

We reported that a 25 year-old man, a relative of the brick kiln owner planned to marry 8 year old Maria. Thankfully a pastor working with the Christian slaves heard of it and the marriage was stopped.

The whole family were brought out of the kiln and a house was found for them.

Starfish Christian Trust had a reserve of funds for the release of slaves and we are pleased to report that a home has been rented for them to enable them to get established. We also provided beds, clothing etc for them.

Guided by the local pastors, we were also to secure a 50% down payment on a motorised rickshaw which will enable the father to earn sufficient income to support the family and to make instalment repayments on the balance cost. After a lifetime of making bricks in the hot sun from dawn to dusk, such employment is very easy and as with all families that have been helped in this way, we are confident that they will not fall back into the slave-bondage of debt.

Pictures of the released family can be seen by clicking the 'read more' link below.

With grateful thanks to all who contribute whether small or large to this vital work.

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Photo: Maria, aged 8, rescued with her family