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Start-up Funding for Suicide CBO in Kenya

Bishop Julius in Kakamega, Kenya brought the fact to our attention that youth and the widows are committing suicide The numbers are getting higher and he was given the chance to talk on the TV to the youth and the widows and was given another chance to write in The Standard newspaper as to why the youth and the widows should not commit suicide and why they should not listen to the devil

I was so much touched when a young orphaned girl of eighteen years committed suicide because her grandmother could not afford to buy for her sanitary towels and her friends were laughing at her because the blood was obvious on her school uniform.

A widow gave poison to her three children aged four month and seven years because she was not able to give them food and they had stayed for three days without any food she also took the same poison and died too. It was totally heart breaking.

Focusing on the numbers of the youth and the widows who are committing suicide I was led to register a CBO (Community Based Organization) with the county Government and I was issued with a certificate of registration.

I propose to open a small scale income that will help them to be self reliant. I will also encourage the orphaned youth and the widows to be meeting three times in a month to train and improve their skills.

Starfish Christian Trust was happy to provide start-up funding for this project.


Photo: Start-up Funding for Suicide CBO in Kenya