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Child Abductions Rising in Kenya

Pastor Julius, our friend in Kakamega in Kenya who runs the Community Based Organisation (CBO) has alerted us to an increase in child abductions which often end in the murder of the children.

Quoting from a Kenyan news source he writes "Police in Nairobi raided a makeshift structure in Nairobi's Lunga Lunga slums and rescued 10 children. A suspicious village elder alerted police when the minors aged between five and 10 years were brought to the structure at night. The children were found in good health and some of them were being used to beg in the city centre.

The dawn raid came against a backdrop of growing cases of abduction and children going missing. Some are found at a later date having been murdered."

Another headline story from Kenya's Standard newspaper reads 'Shock of Missing Children Found Murdered as Cases of Abduction Rise.'

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Photo: Child Abductions Rising in Kenya