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New Toilet for Kenya Orphans Nov 1

Several months ago now we received a request from Bishop Julius for a serious need in his Children’s Home. Sometimes the weather in Kenya can spring up quickly and often during the rainy season much havoc can be wreaked.

His problem was that the toilets for his children had been destroyed by winds and floods and the children were at the mercy of a neighbour who was allowing the orphans to use his facilities on his own private land. It was obvious that this situation could not last for long as the latrine pit would soon fill and be of no use.

We were happy to be able to step in and provide for the building of a new toilet facility for the orphans. Whilst we received pictures of the construction process a picture of the final latrine block was overlooked. Now below is a picture of the new construction.

As always we are grateful to the financial support given to us to enable such projects to be enabled.


Photo: New Toilet for Kenya Orphans Nov 1