Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Celebration as another 10 children rescued

The wonderful work of rescuing children and young people from slavery in India continues. We recently announced the sending of funds to rescue an addition 10 young people and the report is now with us. Pastor Joshua writes...

"I am so glad to announce you that the 5 boys and 5 girls are rescued and there was a little disturbance with mafia trying to raise the money but we are able to do it for the amount we agreed and the children are so happily free. To our surprise they had been put on streets in this severe climate and are very ill.

We took them to doctor for evaluation of tests before they are into the hostel and 2 boys have some severe acute respiratory problems. Our doctor who always gives us the free treatment, said we needed 35,000 rupees for the medicines for 6 months. They will be given some inhalers and also some antibiotics and every month two injections are needed.

Although it costs 70,000 rupees for two boys, the doctor told us that he can bear the cost for one child knowing their story and also he has blessed all of them with a set of clothes and school bags and some little stationery which is needed for them. It is good always when people responds to the needy and the least of these.

These boys and girls sends you all a big hug and say thank you when our parents has no love and choice to look after them."

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have been able to send the money for the medication needed.

Ten more children have benefitted from the Starfish Principle... One life, one family, one community at a time!


Photo: Celebration as another 10 children rescued