Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

An Irresistable Rescue (01 Sep)

Today our plan was to rescue 2 families from the slavery of the brick kilns. However when we saw the lady in the picture below making bricks while carrying a small baby on her lap we could not resist redeeming this family,

To fully understand the suffering and harsh conditions that the slaves endure it is necessary to witness it first hand. This was a family with four young girls. It broke my heart to see the mother continuing to make bricks with such a vulnerable baby. I wondered how the father, who was born in the brick kilns felt to see his family in such a hopeless position.

The debt has been paid and the family is now free. They are in the care of a local pastor. Tomorrow we will purchase a donkey and cart for them to enable them to be self supporting. (A gift - not a loan),

What a privilege to be involved in such a life changing ministry!


Photo: An Irresistable Rescue (01 Sep)