Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Five More Children to Rescue

Most of what needs to be said on behalf of these five children is written in the PDF file below. However let me quote one portion of what Pastor Joshua wrote.

"The children are being tortured and they are changed as not only slaves but our team identified them in a locked rooms and they are surrounded by much water and the electric poles are damaged. If the current passes in this room they will die."

"These children are now also made forcibly to steal things from homes as the homes are flooded and the families are moved to rehabilitation centres. The mobs are trying to beat them and steal the things which the people cannot take to rehabilitation centres, and they are brutally tortured and we ask the Starfish Trustees to have a compassionate heart as you always have the heart to release the funds.

You can see the need is urgent. Please help us to rescue these dear ones.

PDF: Five More Children to Rescue