Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Unity Seminars in India (Nov 15)

Part of Starfish Christian Trust's commitment is to teach and train pastors, especially those in poorer rural areas where it is almost impossible for them to be formally trained. One strong area of teaching is 'Unity'. Not only does Psalm 133 promise blessing when there is unity, but it also enables pastors to be able to encourage and support one another.

As part of that commitment, our administrator is in Andhra Pradesh in India where he has held the first of two conferences. Some 70+ pastors attended meetings.

Our partner, Pastor Joshua Geddam in Andhra Pradesh wrote,"We had a good pastors conference in the village Asannagudem, where three pastors associations have been quarrelling with each other. When we were aware of this, we decided to invite Starfish Christian Trust here to preach on Unity.


Photo: Unity Seminars in India (Nov 15)