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New Wells Drilled in India

Hindu persecution continues in India and we are frequently hearing of another village in which the Christians are being barred from using the wells (and even attempts made to stop them going to the river). This is an attempt to force the Christians to convert to Hinduism and be allowed the use of the wells again

Pastor Joshua is working hard in many villages and his latest requests for help have not fallen on deaf ears. We heard from him several weeks ago that "There is no way they can now get pure water in middle of the river and the church is here with 95 Christian families suffering. We are now praying to save this village with a borewell. People are suffering with viral fevers and diseases. 4 innocent Christians are dead due to this much dangerous situation."

Starfish Christian Trust was happy to assist and a well has now been drilled. Pastor Joshua has since written, "The Christian families truly thank you from the bottom of their hearts for helping them and saving their lives. After this happened, the borewell where the Christians were barred from collecting water has been damaged, and the people suffered too much. Our Pastor welcomed them and showed the love of Jesus. In this way you saved 600 families here in the village permanently with pure water. When this happened 13 PEOPLE CAME TO KNOW ABOUT JESUS and they are saved."

The picture is part of several sent by pastor Joshua. Since this happened we have sent funds for two more wells to be drilled in similar circumstance. A report will follow in due course.


Photo: New Wells Drilled in India