Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

A Honey Sucker and Slave Release

We get some strange requests at Starfish sometimes. Strange though it may be, the need to empty the latrines in a Kenyan orphanage are vitally important for the health of the children. What I have always known as a sludge gulper was referred to as a 'honey sucker' when the request came through from Bishop Julius in Kakamega. As William Shakespeare wrote "a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet!"

Whilst the above brings one kind of freedom to the children we are also happy to report that we have sent out additional funds to enable the release of an additional five children in India.

As we have reported on several occasions, it is getting increasingly difficult to get funds to India but we are assured that the full amount will be with them shortly and their release can be secured.

It may be a week or so but we will report concerning their release as soon as we are able. Once again our thanks are due to those of you who have sent us gifts to enable us to secure their release.


Photo: A Honey Sucker and Slave Release