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Pastor & Wife Badly Injured After Hindu Pesecution

We recently received the following report from Pastor Joshua in India.

The Pastor of our Star Fish Christian Church went for evangelism with his wife on their bicycle and the pagan group of people who wants to disturb his work attacked him. They stabbed him and he has two big injuries on his head and also on the leg. Now he is in the hospital. His wife is pregnant and she was severely wounded. Now the pastor has to go a surgery and will also have band aid for his leg fractures for a period of 8 weeks.

We were happy to pay for the hospital costs.

Now his 7 month pregnant wife needs surgery. She is scheduled for Saturday morning. Pastor writes...

"She has internal bleeding and has been shifted to the town hospital. She is desperately in need of blood and the doctors are saying she should undergo major operation to stop the internal bleeding. This is due to heavy beating and she is now 7 months pregnant."

Please pray for her and help with these medical expenses.


Photo: Pastor & Wife Badly Injured After Hindu Pesecution