Starfish Christian Trust: Street children

Hindu Persecution Continues (Jan 3)

The persecution of the new Christians is continuing. Let Pastor Joshua tell the story - and yes, Starfish Christian Trust has sent the extra funds!

"When we drilled the hole we went to the expected depth of 435 feet and we put a closed cover over it. However, the Hindus threw stones in the water and we needed to bring the engine again and go through the stones (six and a half feet) with extra costs. This trouble meant drilling for 6 hours more. The well engineer, who saw this trouble added half again to the rate.

We worked in the whole night to fit the hand pump so they cannot do anything and the local village Christian group has slept near this location for a couple of nights and done their best putting 3 youth as security.

So the costs has gone up and still we need to pay 9000 rupees." (file picture)


Photo: Hindu Persecution Continues (Jan 3)